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Hygienic standards must be reinforced to prevent microorganisms diffusion, as experts, media and authorities state. In particular, it is strongly suggested to avoid the contact with objects or surfaces that may be contaminated  and to wash hands often.

Therefore, handles and knobs in public spaces are relevant objects to be considered as potential vehicles, since they are manipulated by many people, repetitively in a short period of time. Pigio and Combina, in the special version ABO, are the solutions conceived by Serrature Meroni to limit the diffusion of pathogens.

No surface treatment that deteriorates over time! Pigio and Combina are made of a tested and certified antibacterial polymer which lasts over time.

materiale antibatterico 100% antibacterial polymer

Thanks to a biostatic polymer, Pigio and Combina are the ideal choice for any place where hygiene and prevention are crucial for public health.


certificazione catas logo CATAS certification

Pigio and Combina successfully passed all chemical, physical and mechanical tests and obtained the CATAS certification.


RETROFIT pigio combina Easy Installation

Easy to install on new doors but also retrofitted on existing doors, Pigio and Combina fit any application.


DESIGN italiano Made in Italy

The products are designedmanufactured and assembled in Italy.

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